Unable To Access Netgear Genie App to Manage Routerlogin.net Setup

By | April 25, 2018

Undoubtedly, Netgear Genie App is the best way to manage routerlogin.net Setup without moving to the cable setup. However installation of Netgear Genie app is as easier as downloading of other apps but sometimes due to any unknown issue, you may get the problem when downloading the Netgear Genie app. Further instructions will definitely help you for easier downloading and troubleshoot issues.

routerlogin.net Setup

Pre-requisite of Downloading Genie App

  • First of all, check your internet connection should be ready to use with enough internet speed. If it is losing the connection frequency, it will create problems.
  • Make sure your device (Tablet, mobile, computer, laptop, etc.) should have enough space to download the Genie App. Delete all kind of unnecessary files from your device.
  • Your browser should have deleted the cookie and cache details which also contains problem in getting Netgear Genie App
  • Once restart your gadget before downloading.

Download and Install Netgear Genie App

  • Following the above details, open your browser and type http://downloadcenter.netgear.com/
  • The error may occur as ‘Server Not Found’. In this situation, check the spellings mistake should not be there in the domain address.
  • Once the downloading is done, it will notify.
  • After completing this process, it will be showing as an icon on the device’s home screen.
  • Click on the Netgear Genie icon. First of all, you have to get register with you Netgear Genie App.

How to Register with Netgear Genie App

  • Click on Netgear Genie app Icon
  • It will be showing Email Id and Password as well as ‘Sign Up’ option at the bottom.
  • Click on the ‘Sign Up’ and fill the required information.
  • Remember to fill the valid email id. When you complete this process, a link will be sent to your email id. On accessing your email Id, you need to click to verify your valid email id.
  • Your account has been created. Come out and again get into Netgear Genie using the Email Id and Password that you recently created.

How to Access routerlogin.net Setup via Netgear Genie app

  • Access Netgear Genie App, at the bottom there will be the option of Router Model.
  • Select your Router Model Number.
  • It will ask for username and Password. Netgear Router Password is ‘admin’ in small letters.
  • When Netgear Genie app will be connected to the Router, a cloud icon will appear on the right above corner.

And here you have reached to manage routerlogin.net Setup for parental control, wireless settings, network map, guest network, etc. The only thing what you need to do is, follow each step sequence-wise.

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