How to Access Default Netgear Router Password for WNR2000 Router

By | March 30, 2018

So, you have forgotten the Netgear Router Password of WNR2000 Router? Don’t panic, it does not create any problem. There is nothing like, after few seconds your device will become corrupted or inaccessible, so, have patience. There is only one instruction you need to follow and you will get started from the beginning to access the default password. But you must know once you reset for default settings, you have to restart the process of Netgear Setup from the beginning.  Don’t worry we are here to help you from the beginning to end and troubleshoot each problem. Now, be ready to follow these instructions.

netgear router password

  • The screen will be showing “Access Denied” or maybe “Password Error”
  • Keep your Netgear WNR2000 router ‘on’. When you are looking at its backside the “Reset” button is placed must be in round shape.
  • You need to press this button for at least 10 seconds continuously.
  • This button is small in size, if you are getting difficulty to press this button by yourself then use any sharp object to press the reset button easily.
  • Wait for some minutes.

Your WNR2000 router is restored, you can easily go for Login with default Netgear Router Password following the below setup again.

  • First of all, create a connection between Router and Modem using the Ethernet cable as well as connect another Ethernet cable between router and computer.
  • Power on all the devices.
  • When Router’s LED becomes solid green then get started for the Router login.
  • Access the main browser of your PC.
  • Type in your browser’s address bar. You can also login with IP address
  • The Netgear Router Login will appear on your screen.
  • As we have reset the Netgear default factory setting, so type “admin” in lower character for both username and Netgear Router Password.

Whichever interface you have installed in your computer, be it Smart Wizard, Netgear Genie or any other, when you opt for the Netgear Setup and change your Netgear Router Password, make sure to keep save your changed password and remember for the future routerlogin. It is recommended that you can save the password in your mobile phone or any other most used device. Your password should be containing alphanumeric characters. Thus you can make a strong password which helps you to secure your data in your Netgear Router.

If you don’t want to change your username, it does not a big matter but password change is enough to keep your router data safe. Make sure to update the latest version of firmware for better accessibility of all features.


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