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Netgear Setup for Live Parental Control Using Netgear Genie App

Maintenance of your router via Netgear Setup for Live Parental Control takes few minutes but enables the users to keep an eye on whole day activity of Router connected devices. Typically, parents consider for their children, not only monitor the internet activities but also can block the unwanted sites from their children access. When it… Read More »

How to Access Default Netgear Router Password for WNR2000 Router

So, you have forgotten the Netgear Router Password of WNR2000 Router? Don’t panic, it does not create any problem. There is nothing like, after few seconds your device will become corrupted or inaccessible, so, have patience. There is only one instruction you need to follow and you will get started from the beginning to access… Read More »

Broadband Vs. Gigabit Routers for a Computer

The main difference between a regular broadband router and a gigabit router is the capacity that each offers for transferring data to and from computers in a local or wide-area network. Broadband routers are ideal for providing computers with access to the Internet, while gigabit routers are better suited for transferring large files between computers… Read More »